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Steen Tinning is keeping in top shape with PowerLaser PRO


Steen Tinning, the world famous Golf PRO, speaks:


"I have been using the PowerLaser PRO for more than a year and it has helped me tremendously. PowerLaser PRO has in a remarkable way reduced my pains in elbows, wrists and hands. With help from the PowerLaser PRO I have been able to go through with my training sessions and golf tournaments without problems. The PowerLaser PRO is an effective and indispensable tool for any sports professional."

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Laser replaces medicine in the treatment of neck pains without side effects. For the first time in medical history the effect of laser therapy has been irrevocably proved.


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All about laser therapy

Is Class 4 laser better than Class 3B for biostimulation?


What is the best wavelength for penetration?

What are mW, Joules, etc.?

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12 things you should know before investing in a cold laser device

GIGAlaser laserterapi physio beauty

GIGAlaser laserterapi physio beauty

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